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Alabama Rot

If you have a dog, you have probably heard of Alabama Rot.  It is a horrible disease that causes skin lesions, vomiting and acute kidney failure. There have been a number of new cases confirmed so far this year in Devon, the New Forest, Hampshire and closer to home in Berkshire. It is important to remember though that while Alabama Rot is a well publicised disease, it is still very rare.  There have been 241 confirmed cases since 2012.

There is very little information on what causes Alabama Rot so there is no guaranteed way of preventing your dog from becoming affected.  Research shows there may be a link with walking dogs in muddy areas so it is advised to wash your dogs after a walk if they get wet or muddy.

Anderson Moores are the leading veterinary specialist in the UK regarding Alabama Rot and they have a really informative information sheet that is definitely worth a read.  You can find the details here.


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